Can't Complain (2020 Remix)
Reworked through the Coronavirus pandemic, with Beth and Emily recording their vocals remotely!
Transatlantic:Eastbound Crossing
The second instalment featuring the wonderful vocals of Emily Woodcraft and Beth Vickers.
Recorded Winter 2020
1. Take Me Under
2. Jack & Algy
3. I Can't Find Where I Left You
4. Leave Me Be
Sample Track: "Take Me Under"
Transatlantic:Westbound Crossing
First of two E.P.'s featuring vocals from Emily Woodcraft and Beth Vickers.
Recorded Winter 2020.
1. out there somewhere
2. hurricane
3. on charlie's porch
4. the bay
Tiny Scars - L Shaped Roomm
The fourth and final single of four.
Vocals by Emily Woodcraft and bv's Beth Vickers.
Released November 2019.
1. Tiny Scars
Fingertips - L Shaped Room
3 of 4 singles released Autumn 2019. With lead vocals by Beth Vickers.
Available everywhere!!!!!
Now I'm Ready - L Shaped Room
No. 2 of 4. Beth Vickers on vox, Emily Woodcraft on bv's.
Recorded Summer 2019. Released 11.10.19.
Saturday Morning - L Shaped Room
First of four 'singles'.
A tale of teenage weekends in suburban Hertfordshire!
Featuring Emily Woodcraft on lead vocal and Beth Vickers on BV's. Listen on iTunes, Spotify.....
Recorded Summer 2019. Available 27.09.19.
Freaks & Well-wishers
E.P. featuring five new songs about people.
With Beth Vickers and Emily Woodcraft singing their hearts out.
Recorded Spring 2019. Released 14.06.19.
1. All The Codes
2. You Used To Call Me
3. We Came So Far (Etch-a-Sketch)
4. King of Siam
5. Icarus
Sample Track: "All The Codes"
Re-Conceptions - L Shaped Room
New album of songs inspired by love, friendship and allotments. Featuring Emily Woodcraft and Beth Vickers on vocal duties.
Recorded Autumn 2018. Available 7.12.18. Hear a little snippet below!

1. Favourite Author
Sample Track: "Favourite Author"
L Shaped Room - L Shaped Room
Album featuring 9 re-worked songs. Featuring the vocal talents of Beth Vickers and Emily Woodcraft. Recorded Spring 2018. Available 1st June.
1. Whirlwind
2. Whirlwind
3. Sunday Best
4. In A While
5. Breed
6. Crawl My Way
7. Out of Control
8. Amoeba
9. Blink
10. Sons of El Bandido
Sample Track: "Out of Control"
More Fool Me - L Shaped Room
5 track E.P. recorded in Winter 2017. Instruments & Voices, Music & Words Simon Davies.
1. Meet You At St. Stephen's Green
2. Someone For Everyone
3. World of Cats and Birds
4. Turn Out the Light for Me
5. You've Been In Love
Sample Track: "Turn Out the Light for Me"
Foreign Objects - L-Shaped Room
11 track album. Instruments/voices Simon Davies. (Recorded Spring 2017)
1. dunce's hat
2. sucker punch
3. faith in me
4. monday
5. she understands me
6. city life
7. stay young
8. hear what i say
9. fortune teller
10. see you in another light
Sample Track: "sucker punch"
Just Made-Up Stories - L-Shaped Room
Album recorded Summer 2016. Featuring vocals by Elena Safonova and Hannah Edwards.
1. don't try me
2. wait for me
3. running out of love
4. dive in
5. fourth of july
6. safety in numbers
7. what can i say
8. pillow talk
9. caroline
10. honestly
Sample Track: "safety in numbers"
You and Whose Army? - L-Shaped Room
6-track E.P. Simon Davies (instruments). Winter/Spring 2016
1. sweetness
2. can't complain
3. you and i
4. think it over
5. watching over me
6. dreamer
Sample Track: "can't complain"
The World, the Air and the Future
Simon Davies (instruments). Recorded Winter 2015.
1. It Won't Be Long
2. Can't Believe
3. Can't Slow Down
4. On Side
Sample Track: "Can't Believe"
This Testament - L-Shaped Room
Simon Davies (instruments/voices)
1. the sights you see when you're out without your gun
2. take this summer
3. the river
4. sentimental
5. international maritime law
6. the less i say
7. you're all that matters
8. in another world
9. breathe out
10. give me religion
Sample Track: "take this summer"
Shooting Ground - L-Shaped Room
Hannah Edwards (vocals), Angela Rose (recorders), Rob Wallace (synth guru), Simon Davies (instruments). Recorded Spring 2014. All songs S.Davies.
1. magnet
2. don't beat yourself
3. bad things
4. race games
5. am i big enough
Sample Track: "don't beat yourself"
Modo di Sentire - L-Shaped Room
Hannah Edwards (vocals), Simon Davies (instruments). Recorded Autumn 2013. All songs S.Davies
1. be your heaven
2. london
3. cadiz
4. on a sunday
5. new life
6. never been this side of night
7. friend of mine
8. shields
9. fight amongst ourselves
10. pick up every sign
11. letting the side down
Sample Track: "friend of mine"
i'm in love with everyone - L-Shaped Room
Hannah Edwards (vocals), Simon Davies (instruments). Recorded July 2013. All songs S.Davies
1. take the money
2. your favourite saviour
3. burn down the circus
4. feeling funny
Sample Track: "take the money"
Little Beasts - L-Shaped Room
Hannah Edwards (vocals), Simon Davies (instruments) and featuring lyrics/artwork by Clara Charlesworth. Recorded Jan 2013.
1. permanent desire
2. come early night
3. thieves keep getting away
4. beasts who own the night
5. sleep tonight
Sample Track: "beasts who own the night"
Dominos - L-Shaped Room
Hannah Edwards (vocals), Simon Davies (instruments). Recorded 2012. Songs S. Davies
1. Get Up Now
2. Cinema
3. Read You Better
4. Dominos
5. Nothing Saved
6. Wait A Minute
Sample Track: "Read You Better"
Forgotten Dancer - L-Shaped Room
Hannah Edwards (vocals), Simon Davies (instruments) Recorded 2012 Songs by Simon Davies
1. new song
2. be around you
3. burning all night
4. my oh my
5. beat this
Sample Track: "be around you"
Acoustic - L-Shaped Room
Nicky Loosley (vocals), Jenny Adejean (‘cello), Nick Lee (steel string guitar), Simon Davies (nylon string guitar) Recorded 1999 Songs by Davies
1. whirlwind
2. tumor
3. in a while
4. breathe in
Sample Track: "in a while"
All is Ours - Doc Zoko
Nicky Loosley (vocals), Sarah Barker (‘cello), Simon Davies, (guitars, keyboards) Recorded 1997 Songs by Davies
1. weird on
2. green painted gun
3. start & end
Sample Track: "weird on"
5 Minute Heroes - Nemo
James Cook (vocals), Milan Adamik (programming), Section Q (drums, programming), Simon Davies (guitars, bass, synths, bv’s, programming) Recorded 2003 Songs by Cook/Davies
1. five minute heroes
2. piccadilly in sepia
3. memory box
4. system
5. kissing time
6. repeat to fade
7. buildings and trees
8. living room
9. timebomb
10. duke of new york
Sample Track: "five minute heroes"

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